Alison Beck

Jazz / gospel / sessions / alt.


  • Incidental music for woodwind, strings and voice for a sell-out storytelling production in the Spitalfields Winter Festival by White Rabbit
  • 'Walking', 'Eden' and other new pieces of music set to words from poems by 17th century mystic and theologian Thomas Traherne
  • 'Blue Sheet' - a site-specific piece of music about swimming pools, performed inside swimming pools:


  • 'Everybody's Talkin'' by Harry Nilsson, arranged for soloist, gospel choir and piano; performed at the memorial of Zaha Hadid at St Paul's Cathedral by Rebecca Ferguson
  • 'Were You There' - a contemporary gospel arrangement of the traditional gospel piece: part of the gospel oratorio 'The Resurrection', broadast on BBC Radio 2 and Radio 4
  • Tongue-in-cheek backing vocals for 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', a track from The Album with No Name, by The Choir with No Name (co-written with Liz Swain)
  • 'Bicycle Mystery Tour' - a mash-up arrangement of 'Bicycle' by Queen and 'Magical Mystery Tour' by the Beatles - which was performed by The Choir with No Name on BBC Radio 3
  • A contemporary gospel choir setting of the mediaeval Latin hymn 'Pange Lingua'